The Historical Archive of the Hebrew University – Papers of the Hebrew University’s Ha-va’ad Le-hatsalat Otzrot Ha-golah (Diaspora Treasures Committee)

Records from 1944-1949

The material documented in this collection reflects the Hebrew University’s attempts to salvage and restore Jewish cultural property looted by the Nazis during WWII and shows the efforts which were made to transfer it to Palestine (later the state of Israel) during the years 1944-1949. The selected material reflects the activities of the university’s Ha-va’ad Le-hatsalat Otzrot Ha-golah (Diaspora Treasures Committee) including minutes of meetings, reports and internal correspondence between different committee members and university faculty and staff members such as Gershom Scholem, Hugo Bergman and Judah Leon Magnes, the Administrator Werner Senator and the directors of the National Library Gotthold Weil and Curt David Wormann.

The documented material also contains correspondences with Jewish organizations abroad, in particular with members of the Jewish Cultural Reconstruction (JCR), an organization which served from 1949 as a trustee for heirless Jewish cultural property in the American zone of occupation in Germany. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, among other Jewish institutions was an incorporated member of JCR. This part of the collection includes letters of prominent figures such as Salo W. Baron, Hannah Arendt and Joshua Starr.

Record List – Otzrot Ha-golah

Document Sample from the Collection:

A letter from Gershom Scholem to Werner Senator, 13.3.1949, (Archive of the Hebrew University 046/1949)

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