Expected contribution

We anticipate that a major, 5-year, intensive and cross-disciplinary project on Modern Jewish Culture will inject new synergy into the currently diffuse learning about the Jewish people and its cultural products. The emphasis on “place” allows for a new look at language and law, tradition and secularism, links in cultural idioms between adjacent populations, and the central symbolic significance of particular places. We expect to draw a new generation of students and scholars, from Israel and abroad, into a fruitful involvement with the field of Jewish cultural studies. We will provide several research students with stipends for research trips, development of language skills. (We emphasize this as we find that language teaching at the university has declined over the years, and it would be a significant contribution to Israeli scholarship to reinforce this vital part of inter-cultural research.) Our group’s members will publish their findings in the appropriate research journals and in monographic form. In addition, we will produce at least one collaborative volume of studies that would showcase the interpretive innovation embodied by our 5-year collaboration.