Transdisciplinary Perspectives in the Field of Jewish Cultural Studies | Diego Rotman

In the frame of the workshop ״ Transdisciplinary Perspectives in the Field of Jewish Cultural Studies״, at the Dubnow Institut in Leipzig, I presented an on-going research entitled "Repainting History: The Case of Fischach Wooden Sukkah".

In the paper, I dealt with the reconstruction of a replica of the Deller Sukkah (dating to 1840), installed as part of the core exhibition of Judaica at the Israel Museum. The replica is a perfect copy of the original, but for a few deliberate differences between it and the original—some substantive and some symbolic. As a consequence of the replication process, the paintings on the walls of the sukkah subtly transformed: the image of Jerusalem on one of the walls, which in the original was an object of yearning, became a kind of proprietary statement; the scenes of the pastoral German village on the three other walls, which used to provide a kind of visual record of the original landscape, became a wistful memorial of a community and a time that no longer exist. The presentation was done with a fruitful dialogue with Leontine Meijer-van Mensch, the new director of the Grassi Museum in Leipzig who chaired the session.