The Campus and the Village: Studying the Humanities facing Issawiya

March 27, 2016, The Auditorium in Mandel building, The Hebrew University in Mount Scopus.

The seminar “The Campus and the Village: Studying the Humanities facing Issawiya” will take place in the new Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel building. This building, the Mandel building, which was inaugurated a year ago is the scholarly home of masters and PhD students, postdoctoral fellows and senior scholars, who work and study there. The whole upper floor of the building is distinguished by its very large windows that overlook the village below. Thus, on entering the building one is confronted with the presence of the village.

The seminar aims to raise awareness about the proximity between the village and the Mandel building.

The seminar will consist of three sessions: The first will be dedicated to the history of the village, the second to sovereignty and law, and the third to education in the village. Following these sessions an open discussion will be held on “Studying the Humanities facing Issawiya.”

The seminar is open to the general public.


Seminar Program