North African Jewry – Oral History as a Research Horizon

North African Jewry – Oral History as a Research Horizon

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, November 14, 2017

Rabin Building, Room 3001

09:45 –  Gathering

10:00-10:15 – Greetings

Daniel Blatmann – Head of the Institute of Contemporary Jewry, Hebrew University

Sharon Livne – The Oral History Division, Hebrew University

David Guedj – Tel Aviv University

10:15-11:30 – First Session

Chair: Joseph Yossi Chetrit, (University of Haifa)

Amos Noy, (Hebrew University/Daat Hamakom)

Speaking in Innocence: Theoretical Aspects of Oral Documentation

Yehudit Henshke, (University of Haifa)

Judeo-Arabic Influence on Contemporary Hebrew: Documentation and Analysis

11:30-12:00 – Coffee Break

12:00-13:15 – Second Session

Chair: Yoram Bilu (Hebrew University)

Esther Schely-Newman (Hebrew University)

Telling as / or Documentation: Constructing the Past.

Tom Fogel, Department of Folklore and Folk Culture Studies, (The Hebrew University)

Goitein Archive –  60 years of Documenting Yemenite Jews

 13:15-14:15 – Lunch Break

 14:15-15:45 – Round Table: Past and Future in Oral History

Chair: David Guedj, (Tel Aviv University)

Joseph Yossi Chetrit (University of Haifa),  Hila Baharad (The Hebrew University/Daat Hamakom),  Yoram Bilu (The Hebrew University), Nina Pinto-Abecasis (Bar Ilan University and the Open University).