Dialogues of Knowledge | Dr. Cynthia Gabbay

Daat HaMakom Program supported my participation in LASA International Conference – “Dialogues of Knowledge” held in Lima, Peru, between April 29 and May 1, 2017. There, I presented my research “Epistemology of the Encyclopedic Work of Antonio Leon Pinelo” (1590-1660). Besides the presentation in the conference, being in Lima allowed me to have access to León Pinelo’s unique manuscripts and first editions edited in Spain and Peru, and discovering the first studies held by the most important researchers of Colonial Peru. I worked two full days at the National Library of Peru, which has established severe security conditions in an attempt to preserve the national patrimony that have been looted in previous centuries.

People from Peru are extraordinary kind and received us wonderfully. The opening took place at the Museum of Art (MALI) which is placed at a beautiful building and has many collections of much interest. The conference received people from all over the globe and was one of the most enriching experiences I had. Latin American research and academy are radical, illuminating and innovative. My presentation was received with enthusiasm and the panel – focused on Colonial Literature – gave me interesting intertextual relations to think further and put my work in context. Moreover, the public showed much interest in Daat HaMakom’s interactive map. Finally, the encounter gave me the last push to finish my article and send it for publication.