Internal Research Seminar of the Dubnow Institute Leipzig, 7–9 February 2018

Since 2002, the Leibniz Institute for Jewish History and Culture – Simon Dubnow, in Leipzig, holds an yearly internal research Seminar for graduate students. The basic structure of the seminar is comprised of short presentations of the students, engaging specific academic inquiries and considerations with which they are faced at the moment. This year, following Prof. Yfaat Weiss’s nomination as director of the institute, the institute’s administration decided to invite Prof. Weiss’s doctoral students from the Hebrew University to participate in the seminar, with the aim to encourage the establishment and further cultivation of research contacts between members of the Israeli and German communities of young researchers. Each participant in the seminar was requested to briefly introduce his or her dissertation projects and than delve into an research problem with which they are engaged at the moment. Each presentation was followed by a good half-an-hour disscution.

Titles of Daat Hamakom’s PhD candidates’ presentations:

Adi Livny: Spiritual Zionism in Practice: A pre-state history of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Amit Levy: The New Orient: German-Jewish Orientalism in Palestine/Israel

Yael Levi: Sarasohn vs. The Workingmen’s Publishing Association: Socialists against Capitalists in the Yiddish Press in 1890’s New York

Yonatan Shiloh-Dayan: German Answers to Israeli Questions: On Historical Analogies

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