Lecture by Neta Peretz in The 11th Congress of The European Association for Jewish Studies 2018

In July 2018 The Jagiellonian University in Krakow hosted the 11th Congress of The European Association for Jewish Studies under the title “Searching for Roots of Jewish Tradition”. Neta Peretz, a PhD candidate at the Art History Department and a “Daat-Hamakom” research fellow, participated in the conference in a session dedicated to Interwar Visual Modernisms, and gave a lecture on Jules Pascin.
Pascin, the Bulgarian-born artist of Jewish origin, is usually regarded as the quintessential cosmopolitan and voluntary exile, and one of the leaders of the international École de Paris. In her lecture, Neta examined Pascin’s often neglected, yet perplexing question of Jewish identity. His non-Jewish, west European surrounding viewed him as an “Oriental Jew,” and his displacement recalled the myth of a “Wandering Jew.” As shown in the lecture, it seems that Pascin did not reject, and occasionally even consciously embraced these external views of himself. Moreover, this self-image led towards the artist’s identification with other marginal figures and outcasts, especially gypsies and immigrants.

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