Love is in the Air: New Places and New Emotions in the Jewish Marriage Market of Early 20th Century Berlin

Until the late nineteenth century, the overwhelming majority of the young Jews of Berlin – and indeed of Germany and more broadly of Europe –married a partner chosen and arranged for them. Marriage was primarily a socio-economic relationship; personal desire played little role in its formation. Yet, over the course of a short and dramatic thirty years – from the late nineteenth century until the 1920s – the dominant marital pattern was overturned. What happened? How do we and should we account for such a momentous change? This lecture considers the marriage market of young Jews in Berlin by both exploring the emotional register (e.g. pronouncements of love and self-fulfillment) and by turning our attention to a new and expanding market of leisure and social spaces.

The lecture will take place in the Contemporary Jewry Bld, Room 400, Mount Scoupus on Monday December 7, 2015 at 17:00 pm. 

The Lecture is open to the public.


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