Paris – A City and Its World

“Paris – A City and Its World” is a series of lectures organized by Prof.Richard Cohen and Prof. Moshe Sluhovsky. Designed for the general public, the lectures explore various aspects of life and culture in the Paris, known as the capital of the nineteenth century. Scholars from Israel and abroad will lecture (in Hebrew and English) on the history of the city and its Jews, French cinema, philosophy and literature at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and the attraction of and engagement with French artistic trends and their impact on Israeli artists.. The concluding lecture will deal with twentieth century music in France and the Jewish component.

All lecture will take place at 18:00 at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, 43 Jabotinsky St., Jerusalem.

Free Admission

The lecture series is organized and sponsored by the “Daat Hamakom” – Center for the Study of Cultures of Place in the Modern Jewish World, Paulette and Claude Kelman Chair for French Jewry History at the Hebrew University and the Van Leer Institute, Jerusalem.

The lectures are available online (Click the link or the gallery below in order to watch the lectures).


Lectures Program