To Moscow, to Moscow! The European Metropolis and the Birth of Modern Hebrew Literature

International Conference

15-16 March, 2015

Room 2001, The Rabin Building, The Hebrew University, Mt. Scopus

Modern Jewish culture has been formed under the marking, on the one hand, of the Jewish migrations from Eastern and Central Europe to America and the Land of Israel, and on the other hand, to the great imperial cities, such as Berlin, Vienna, Moscow and St. Petersburg. For authors and artists born in the Pale and in Galicia these cities served as inter-cultural meeting places and poetic spaces. The movement from a mostly Jewish to a distinct non-Jewish space exposed modern trends in art and literature – an exposure that although came across with parallel trends within Jewish culture, it had placed a dilemma for the Jewish artists and authors with regards to their cultural and national identity. The workshop wishes to map out the main literary strategies used by Hebrew and Yiddish authors on the backdrop of the transition from the peripheral Jewish centers to the imperial cities.


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