Writing / Reading Place: Fields of Belonging – Interpreting Jewish Literatures

International Workshop, in collaboration with the Program in Cultural Studies

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, May 5-7, 2015, The Maiersdorf Faculty Club



Hélène Cixous (Paris), “Ay Yay! The Shout of Literature”

May 5, 2015, Israel Museum, 19.00 (Free entry at registration desk from 18.15)

RSVP in advance to yael.averbukh@mail.huji.ac.il


The workshop explores literary cultures of place, focusing on questions of belonging in modern and contemporary Jewish Literatures and Literary Thought. In five panels –

  • The Shout of Literature
  • In Other(s’) Languages
  • Speaking, Being
  • Looking Back
  • Architectures

– speakers discuss aural, textual, visual, and architectural configurations of place across a variety of literatures, including works by H. Cixous, A. Shammas, G. Scholem, A. Pizarnik, C. Lispector, N. Krauss, and J.S. Foer, as well as contemporary Austrian-Jewish and Post-Soviet American Jewish literatures.

Participants include:
Ytav Bouhsira (Jerusalem), Hélène Cixous (Paris), Sonja Dickow (Hamburg), Ruth Ginsburg (Jerusalem), Natasha Gordinski (Haifa), Carola Hilfrich (Jerusalem), Vivian Liska (Antwerp), Eric Prenowitz (Leeds), Shlomith Rimmon-Kenan (Jerusalem), Anastasia Telaak (Gdańsk), Susanne Zepp (Berlin)

Attendance by registration only, to yael.averbukh@mail.huji.ac.il


Download of workshop reader