Dr. Diego Rotman

A researcher, an interdisciplinary artist and a curator

Diego Rotman (born in Buenos Aires) is a researcher, an interdisciplinary artist and a curator. His wrote his PhD Performance as Cultural Critique: On Dzigan & Shumacher Theater (1927-1980) and his MA thesis Yiddish Theater in Israel (1948-1983) under the advise of Prof. Galit Hasan-Rokem and Prof. Yechiel Scheintuch at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He edited recently the book “Heara” about the independent art scene in Jerusalem together with Ronen Eidelman and Lea Mauas .

In the frame of “Daat Hamakom” at Mamuta in Hansen House he curated together with Lea Mauas the Performance art events “Borderline” in the frame of the Israeli Drawing Biennale and host Prof. Irit Roggoff talk “Exhausted Geographies” and the gap between the reconstruction of space, land and home through performance, word and language.

He was part of the academic team of the seminar: “MAPS: Representations of Place in the Arts” together with Prof. Edwin Seroussi, Dr. Ruthie Abeliovich , Dr. Hava Aldouby, Dr. Omri Ruah-Midbar, Dr. Joseph Sprinzak and Dr. Danny Schrire.

His current interests in research and practice focus on performance practices that engage local historiography, folklore research, and art politics as well as Yiddish Culture and Yiddish theater.

He is one of the two members (together with Lea Mauas) of Sala-manca, a group of independent Jerusalem-based artists that creates in the fields of performance, video, installation & new media since 2000. In 2009 the founded together with the Mamuta Art and Media Center, today based in Hansen House.

Selected Publications


  • *Heara – Independent Art in Jerusalem at the Beginning of the 21st Century, edited by Ronen Eidelman, Lea Mauas and Diego Rotman (Hearat Shualym/The Underground Academy: Jerusalem, 2014)


  • Diego Rotman, “Hadybbuk eynneno Moyshe Sne: al haparodia-hasatiri hadybbuk hachadash shel Dzigan veShumacher (1957), in Al na tegarshuni – iyunim chadashim behadybbuk, eds. Dorit Yerushalmi and Shimon Levy (Tel Aviv: 2009), 179-197
  • Diego Rotman, “Der Yiddishpil-Teater: Tsvishn Oyflebung un Geshtaltikung fun Avar”, Yerushalaymer almanakh, 28 (2008), 323-345
  • Diego Rotman, “Teatron Yiddish BeIsrael 1948-1988”, Zmanim – rivon lehistoria, 99 (2007), 38-45 (printed also in Polish: Diego Rotman, “Teatr jidysz w Izraelu”, Cwiszn 4: 2011, 27-35)
  • Diego Rotman, Lea Mauas, “Temporary Artistic Zones – Developing Independent Artistic Practices in Jerusalem”, Maarav (2007). Published also in Hebrew in Daka 4 (2008).

To be published

  • Diego Rotman, “Likrat Hatnu’a HaItit”, for the book “Limudei MeHatslachot”, edited by Yona Rosenfeld, Daphna Golan, Tsvika Or.
  • Diego Rotman, “Dzigan and Shumacher’s Satire of Israeli Political Figures”, for Studies in Contemporary Jewry, vol 29 Humor in Jewish Culture, edited by Gabriel Finder and Eli Lederhendler.
  • Diego Rotman, “Bayn Hachaya leshimur: Teatron yidishpil – bsiach haitonut beivrit ubeyidish”, for the book on Theater and Multiculturalism in Israel, edited by Shimon Levy and Olga Levitan.

Fellowships and Prizes (selected)

  • Prize for an outstanding PhD, by Nevzlin Fund (2014); Dean’s Fellowship for Distinguished PhD candidates (2007-2011); Itzik and Genye Manger Fund Fellowship; Academy-Comunity Parntership Fellowship (2007-2009) for the Academic course “Art and Activism” at Bezalel Academiy of Art; Dean’s Fellowship for Distinguished M.A. Students (2006); Prize for an outstanding M.A.Thesis by the Nevzlin Fund (2006); Prize for an outstanding M.A.Thesis by Beit Shalom Aleichem (2005)