Dr. Noah S. Gerber

Noah S. Gerber has been a research fellow with I-CORE Daat Hamakom since 2014, under the supervision of its academic director, Prof. Richard I. Cohen. Previously he did his doctoral work at the Hebrew University and completed a post-doctoral fellowship at Tal-Aviv University.

Currently Noah is expanding the chronological scope of his previous work. Rather than consider them as mutually exclusive, Noah measures the dovetailing impact of two reigning Israeli paradigms, ‘melting pot’ and ‘ingathering of exiles’ respectively, on the cultural reception of Yemenite Jewry during the early years of statehood. As in his previous work, Noah considers the Yemenite Jews themselves as participants in this drama. Indeed he finds that while some sons and daughters of Yemen eagerly compiled with the ‘native’ role assigned to them on the Israeli cultural scene, others not so-kindly demurred.

Noah is also re-orienting the annals of the academic study of Judaism by considering how the intellectual legacy of Jews dwelling in the realm of Islam was secured for the benefit of research undertaken by philologically minded scholars situated in the both the Diaspora and the eventual state of Israel. Specifically inspired by the concept of ‘Daat Hamakom’ Noah probes new notions of communal and diasporic identity harvested by the memory of absence of these communal treasures in various Mizrahi and Sephardi communities. In so doing Noah is writing a timely chapter on the Mizrahi reception of the Wissenschaft des Judentums movement, as well charting the attempts of Sephardi Savants and Mizrahi men of letters to take part in the academic study of Judaism.

Selected Publications

Ourselves or our Holy Books? The Cultural Discovery of Yemenite Jewry, Ben Zvi Institute, Jerusalem 2013 (awarded the annual Zalman Shazar prize).