The Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People Jerusalem (CAHJP) – The Papers of Ernst Grumach

Records Related to the Salvage and Restitution of Looted Jewish Cultural Property

The selected material listed in this section stems from the private collection of Ernst Grumach located in The Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People in Jerusalem. The first part of the material reflects Grumach’s work as a forced laborer in the library of the Reichssicherheitshauptamt (RSHA), Department VII in Berlin which stored about 2 million Jewish books, manuscripts and archival material looted by the Nazis during WWII. Together with other Jewish scholars (later called the ‘Grumach Group’) he was put in charge of sorting and cataloguing the Jewish library for Nazi purposes.

The second part of the material concerns Grumach’s involvement in the restitution process of looted Jewish cultural property in the early postwar years. A bulk of this material is his correspondence with other survivors of the RSHA, among them were Arno Nadel, Hugo Matthias, Oskar Guttmann, Karl Escher and Erich Lichtenstein, as well as his correspondence with Jewish organizations, advocates and individuals as part of the effort to locate, identify and return the plundered libraries and lost collections to their rightful owners. The material also contains several reports, essays and articles devoted to the confiscation of Jewish libraries in Europe during WWII.

Record List – Ernst Grumach

Document Sample from the Collection:

A letter from Gershom Scholem to Ernst Grumach (The Papers of Ernst Grumach, P205/17b)

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Essays by Students who Participated in the Project

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