Dr. Michael Lukin is the recipient of the Hans Wiener Prize for 2019

The Hans Wiener Prize is awarded to ten outstanding doctoral degree recipients for academic excellence.

Hans Wiener and his three-year-old sister Marion were sent to Sweden on a Kindertransport in the late April 1939; their parents Käte and Franz Wiener were murdered in Auschwitz in 1942.

A true friend of the Hebrew University, Mr. Wiener has been a devoted supporter of the Jewish culture, of higher education and of the State of Israel throughout his life.

Michael Lukin completed his dissertation, “The Yiddish Folk Song: Poetics and Music,” under the supervision of Prof. Edwin Seroussi and Prof. Galit Hasan-Rokem. Lukin provides a frame of reference for the description of the main characteristics of Yiddish folk singing as documented since the late nineteenth century. His typological comparative analysis of approximately 7,000 songs reveals that the traditional repertoire comprised five dominant genres: lyric songs, ballads, lullabies, folk paraphrases of liturgical texts, and serial songs. Songs on the continuum between these genres were documented as well. He depicts Yiddish musical folklore as a creative endeavor that emerged during the early modern period in the encounter between town and village, and between the western Ashkenazi heritage and the Slavic environment.