Daat Hamaka’s Research Fellows at an international conference about Knowledge transfer and cultural exchanges held in Lisbon

On July the 15th until the 18th 2015 an international conference devoted to the study of Knowledge transfer and cultural exchanges was held in Lisbon. The conference was hosted by the University of Lisbon (Universidade NOVA de Lisboa) and organized by the Portuguese Center for Global History (CHAM). Three I-CORE fellows and Phd candidates at the department for the History of the Jewish People and Contemporary Jewry – Miriam Szamet, Adi Livny and Yonatan Shiloh-Dayan – have jointly initiated a panel dedicated to several aspects concerning processes of knowledge transfer and the transmission of cultural practices from Central Europe to Palestine/Israel. The panel, titled Central Europe to the Levant: Jewish immigration and the re-orientation of cultural knowledge in Palestine/Israel, was comprised out of three sessions hosting three speakers each and divided to distinguished thematic loci. The panel attracted considerable interest among the attending scholars. The first topic evolved around the transfer of professions, the second focused on prominent agents in varied fields, whereas the last was dedicated mostly to the institutional aspect. The three loci were rendered central in the understanding of historical and sociological processes of transfer of cultural, professional and normative knowledge from Central Europe to Palestine and later Israel.

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