Reading Place/Displacing Reading: German-Jewish Texts on the Margins”

Invitation for a Public Lecture by Prof. Leslie Morris – University of Minnesota

Monday, November 17, 2014, 18:15

Room 2601, Humanities Bld., Mt. Scopus

The lecture will explore the complex re-patternings of Jewish text and the trace of Jewish history in Germany. In suggesting a rethinking of the very status of German-Jewish poetic text, Morris’ reading complicates the borders of “Jewish” and “German” text and the matrix of German-Jewish history, memory, culture, and urban space.

Leslie Morris is Associate Professor of German at the University of Minnesota and the Vice-President of Publications at the Association for Jewish Studies. She is the author of a book on history and memory in Ingeborg Bachmann’s poetry, and the co-editor, with Karen Remmler of Contemporary Jewish Writing in Germany and, with Jack Zipes, Unlikely History: The Changing German-Jewish Symbiosis.