Soundscapes: Mapping Places through Sound and Voice

An Interdisciplinary Graduate Seminar of the School of the Arts, In the Framework of Da’at Hamakon: Center for the Study of Cultures of Place in Jewish Modernity (ICORE)

Prof. Edwin Seroussi, in collaboration with Dr. Ruthie Abeliovich, Dr. Diego Rotman, Dr. Joseph Sprinzak

Spring 2015, Tuesdays 18:30-20:00, Mount Scopus Campus, Bldg. 7, Room 2729

Course #23805

We use the aural sense to outline, analyze and critically engage with environments and cultures and yet, the eye dominates our perception of place. This seminar challenges the primacy of the scopic regime in constructing our social imagination and perception of places. We address the aural qualities of a place as a prism that reveals myriad sensitivities and distinctions of how sounds shape our cultural and mental awareness of space.

As part of an ongoing project of audio-visual mapping of Jewish and Israeli culture within the framework of  “Da’at Hamakom” Center for Modern Jewish Culture, this seminar explores the spatial traits of sound as well as the sonic aspects of significant places. We will critically examine and creatively interrogate the production of sound with regard to its containment in space, through a wide array of disciplinary approaches, encompassing ethnomusicology, performance-art, folklore, and cultural studies.

The seminar will conduct an in-depth practice based research of distinct soundscapes. It will integrate theoretical close readings of key texts and will lay out the major questions arising from the emerging field of soundscape studies. The practical research will include field recordings, audiovisual excursions and mapping of sounds, as well as analytical listening to these soundscapes. In addition, the students will attend a workshop with artist and scholar Brandon Labelle (Bergen Academy of Art and Design).