Jewish Cultures on the Map (JCM) | A web-based platform developed by Da’at Hamakom

Jewish Cultures Mapped (JCM) is an interactive web-based map currently being developed by Daat-Hamakom. It is based on innovative digital-mapping and information visualization technologies designed to explore and experience Jewish cultures in their historical development from a perspective of time and space. It was designed as a flexible platform for incorporating, presenting and sharing data from existing databases and archives.
The map visualizes dynamic relations and trajectories characteristic of the Jewish world through a uniquely designed interface combining a map with a timeline. It will present multimedia documentary information,including sound,images, and film, along with quantitative geographic information (GIS).
The map is intended to serve as a context for worldwide scholars and experts of all cultural fields to generate and share time-space based information. JCM provides Easy accessibility of high quality content to a wide range of publics, such as university researchers, schoolteachers, students and laypersons searching for information in a platform that differs from extant searching and data mining engines.

Content Examples
• Hatikvah – the sources, inception and reception of the national anthem based on documents, rare recordings and film clips.
• Concepts and uses of the Telegraph by Jews of the 19th century from the perspective of Halacha literature and correspondences.
• Early modern travelers to the East – accounts by Jewish travelers to the Eastern Mediterranean basin in the 15-17th centuries.
• Locations of Jewish communities, demographic changes of their number over time and data about their social segmentation.
• Databases of Worldwide shifts of political borders over time and Changing names of places.

Staff of the JCM Project
• Steering Committee: Prof. Richard Cohen, Prof. Amnon Raz-Krakotzkin; Prof. Elchanan Reiner, Prof. Menahem Blondheim, Prof. Haviva Pedaya
• Directors of the Project: Prof. Edwin Seroussi, Dr. Josef Sprinzak
• Graphic and Interactive Designer: Mushon Zer-Aviv
• Programming: Yuval Adam
• Content and Research Assistant: Guy Assal.
• Advisory Team: Dr. Eliezer Baumgarten, Dr. Amos Noy, Dr. Dani Schrire, Dr. Zef Segal

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