The Oral History Division (OHD) – Digitization of Interviews

The Oral History Division (OHD)

The Avraham Harman Institute of Contemporary Jewry

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Our collection of more than 13,000 interviews in 20 languages constitutes a unique treasure of Jewish memories whose importance cannot be overestimated. The Oral History Archive of the ICJ began collecting oral histories for the purposes of historical research in 1959, with the assistance of pioneering Hebrew University scholars such as Yehuda Bauer, Dov Levin and Haim Avni. These interviews, covering a wide range of subjects (Holocaust, Zionism and the State, and the Diaspora), and conducted according to the highest professional standards, granted the ICJ the status of being the foremost academic collection of oral documentation in Israel. Over the years the Archive has received similar collections from other prominent research centers and private libraries.  Historians, social scientists, students, high school teachers and pupils, both in Israel and abroad, view the Oral History Archive as a unique and valuable research and teaching tool.

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Reels from the following projects were digitized with the assistance of the ICORE project.

  • Jewish Life in Morocco (Project 105)
  • The Jewish Community in Irbil, Iraq (Project 65)
  • Jewish Life in Arab Countries; Jewish Life in Middle Eastern Countries (Project 11)
  • The Jewish Community in Egypt (Project 35)
  • The Jewish Community of Iran; Immigrants from Iran to Israel (Project 39)

In total 125 reels were digitally converted from magnetic reels to MP3 and Wav files.

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