Dr. Lina Barouch

The poetics of migration and place in Paul Celan and the question of the transference of this poetics in the act of translation into Hebrew

Lina Barouch attained her PhD in German-Jewish literature at the University of Oxford. Her expertise is linguistic and literary dislocation and exile in early twentieth-century German-Jewish writing. Her forthcoming book, Between German and Hebrew: The Counterlanguages of Gershom Scholem, Werner Kraft and Ludwig Strauss (De Gruyter & Magnes University Press, 2016), deals with linguistic and literary responses to cultural marginality and uprooting. She has published extensively on Gershom Scholem’s early writings, on German exile literature and on bi-lingual forms of writing such as auto-translation and code-switching. She most recently edited, together with Giddon Ticotsky, the bi-lingual poetry anthology Zukunfstarchäologie or ארכיאולוגיה של עתיד  (Klostermann, 2015) which brings the Hebrew original poems alongside German translations of writers like Avraham Ben-Yizhak, Dan Pagis, Yehuda Amichai, Lea Goldberg, Tuvia Rübner and others.

Dr. Barouch is academic coordinator of the international project Traces of German-Jewish History: Preserving and Researching German-Jewish Archives in Israel, a collaboration between the Franz Rosenzweig Minerva Research Centre and the Deutsche Literatur Archiv (Marbach). In this framework she also managed the selection, documentation and description of the Heinrich Loewe Archive at Sha’ar Zion Library in Tel Aviv.

At post-doctoral fellow with Da’at Hamakom Lina Barouch is examining the poetics of migration and place in Paul Celan and the question of the transference of this poetics in the act of translation into Hebrew. Alongside close readings of source and target texts the project is concerned also with translation theory, revisited definitions of the discipline of comparative literature and Jewish languages, and broader questions pertaining to the reception of post-Holocaust literature in Israeli Hebrew culture.

Selected Publications


Barouch, Lina, Between German and Hebrew: The Counterlanguages of Gershom Scholem, Werner Kraft and Ludwig Strauss, (Berlin, Boston & Jerusalem: De Gruyter & Magnes University Press, 2016)

Books edited 

Barouch, Lina and Giddon Ticotsky (eds), Zukunftsarchäologie. Eine Anthologie hebräischer Gedichte /ארכיאולוגיה של עתיד. אסופת שירים עבריים במקור ובתרגום , with an introduction by the editors (Frankfurt a.M.: Klostermann, 2015)  [bi-lingual edition]


לינה ברוך, “הרוקד על החבל, ההולך על הגבול: אסוציאציות מודרניסטיות בכתיבתו המוקדמת של גרשם שלום”, גרשם שלום: קינה והגות, עילית פרבר וגלילי שחר (עורכים) (ירושלים: כרמל, התקבל לפרסום)

Barouch, Lina, ‘Gershom Scholem und Werner Kraft: Eine Freundschaft in Krieg und Exil’, in Gershom Scholem: Bausteine zu einer intellektuellen Biographie, ed. by Andreas Kilcher and Daniel Weidner (Göttingen: Wallstein, forthcoming 2016) [separate English and German editions scheduled]

Barouch, Lina and Galili Shahar, ‘Introduction: Arie Ludwig Strauss Between Hölderlin and Yehuda Halevi’,  Naharaim 8/2 (2014), 246-252

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Gershom Scholem, ‘On Lament and Lamentation’, translated, annotated and introduced by Lina Barouch and Paula Schwebel, Lament in Jewish Thought: Philosophical, Theological and Literary Perspectives, ed. by Ilit Ferber and Paula Schwebel, Perspectives on Jewish Texts and Contexts vol 2 (Berlin & Boston: De Gruyter, 2014), pp. 305-320