Guy Yadin Evron

.History of Israel and the Zionist movement; history of the modern Arab Middle East; intellectuals and institutions of knowledge

I am an MA student in the Department of History at the Hebrew University. I completed my BA (2017) at the Department of History and the School of History Honors Program at the Hebrew University. During my BA I was awarded the Yaacov Talmon Prize for history students.

I am interested in institutions of knowledge in Israel and the modern Middle East, and in the sources from which intellectuals draw their legitimacy – in their own eyes, and in those of the public and the political establishment. My BA thesis (advisor: prof. Yfaat Weiss), which I am currently revising for publication, examines the role played by the Hebrew University’s senior academic staff in the institution’s decision to return to Mount Scopus after 1967, and the way in which the academics understood and presented the political and institutional implications of the move.