Ronel Atia

Practical and theoretical pedagogics and Jewish philosophy of education

Ronel Atia is a doctoral student at Bar-Ilan University in the department of Israel’s History. His doctoral dissertation, written under the supervision of Prof. Zvi Zohar and Dr. Elie Holzer, deals with methodological conceptualization in the field of educational philosophy of the teachings of Rabbi Chalfon Moshe Cohen in Jerba. Mr. Atia has a Bachelor’s degree in education, and MBA and a master’s degree in Israel’s History Department from Bar-Ilan University, and is a graduate of administrator’s course of “Avney Rehisha” program.
Ronel Atia is an educator and has previously worked as a teacher, a coordinator, and as the high school principal in one of the religious high schools in Israel. Mr. Atia is currently a lecturer in the field of didactics at “Orot” College in Israel, where he serves as head of Pedagogical Training Department.

Selected Publications

Atia, A. Gottlieb, “The Model: Teacher Training in Practical Work in Research”, “Mofet” Journal, 55, Nissan, .2015