Roy Waks

Practices of performance in the context of local and political ideas.

M.A student at the Cultural Studies Program, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. My field of interest concerns practices of performance in the context of local and political ideas, focusing on the Israeli-Zionist sphere.

Previously I graduated from the department of Visual Communication at Shenkar College of Design. My final project, “Zionist Movement”, was a visual research examining the possibility of body language as a product of national ideology conceptions. I asked questions regarding the potential of ideology to systematically form and construct the human body’s movement. Furthermore, I asked to identify a repertoire that can define the cosmological order of these non-distinctive body movements. My visual research was based initially on video clips that document contemporary youth training for the IDF infantry forces. I defined the body movements in these videos and categorised them into a lexicon of movements. Finally, My Project consisted a booklet of the lexicon, a series of still photos and videos that practice the lexicon by various interpretative performers that embody its content.

My current project, supervised by Dr. Dani Schrire, examines body movement and embodiment of nationality in Zionism. My case study engages the creation of dance repertoire in Palestine/Israel in the first half of the 20th century.